About Me

Hey! How’s it going?

Christopher Swyer here.

This is one of two personal blogs I own… The other is my Chris Swyer business blog, where I talk about internet marketing, eCommerce, online business and all that kind of stuff!

This blog is more about “adventures in life”… Where I post about whatever is helping me improve my life in general… Things like, amazing YouTube videos I have watched, great books I have read, and general hints and tips on self help and personal development.

Life is short, you’ve got to make the most of it.

The internet has enabled us all to access the minds of some pretty amazing people in the world.  This blog is my little way of helping you to find those amazing people, and maybe, just maybe, a few of you might leave this blog a little bit wiser.

That’s the plan anyway!

So thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something useful here.

Christopher Swyer
Adventures in Life