How to Overcome Procrastination Now!

By Julie Belmont Why do we procrastinate? Some say this is fear based. Fear to actually sit down and do what we set out to do. We want to do what we delegated ourselves to do, yet we delay, lose focus, do everything else but the project at hand. It has been said that procrastination can be a result from fear of success. Others say it’s fear that we cannot accomplish our goals successfully or that deep down we’re not good enough. With that said, we can try to analyze the why’s of procrastination until we use this too to […]

Keep Your Mind Open to Positive Change

Your life is filled with many possibilities – perhaps a lot more than you think. In any single day, you make hundreds if not thousands of small decisions that influence the direction of your life. This includes anything from what you choose to eat for lunch, to how you choose to speak to others, to what you choose to do on your own free time. To many, we don’t even realize all the choice and power we really have in our lives. We get so used to what is familiar, and thus we miss out on all the opportunities for […]